Rely on a Parenting Coach who is a Child Psychologist
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Learn parenting strategies based on scientific research

Please do your research, be informed and select your parenting coach carefully. I have come across misinformed parenting coaches who mean well but are giving advice that runs against scientifically based knowledge of child development. You could be hurting your child more than helping. As a parenting coach, I help parents understand their child’s behavior and offer parenting strategies that helps parents address their own responses and works with their child’s needs.

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Sign up for a parenting webinar where you learn from Dr. Andaya about parenting strategies BASED ON SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL information about child development and enhancing the parent-child bond. If you were raised in a toxic home, break the cycle by learning non-violent ways of parenting from an expert who worked with hundreds of children and families.

Parenting with ADHD: Webinar on parenting children diagnosed with ADHD. Learn ways to communicate with your child based on their abilities and needs. More importantly, learn ways to help prevent becoming overwhelmed with parenting frustrations.

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Are you overwhelmed with trying to get your child to change behaviors? Tired of the power struggle?

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Dr. Cheryl Andaya

Clinical Psychologist

I’m a mother and a Clinical Psychologist who works with children and their families as well as individuals reaching for their goals. Born and raised in Hawaii, I embrace diversity and help individuals find their strengths.

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