Use the understanding of human behavior to place you at an advantage. Gain insight into your challenges, optimize your ability to lead, push yourself, and work towards reaching your goals.


Consultation for professionals.

Connect with Others

Learn on your own or learn with a group of other like-minded individuals.

Improve your Home

Learn ways to optimize your home life with tips on parenting, and being a boss-mom!



Consult with a professional psychologist to help guide you to your goals.

Cultural Sensitivy

Hawaii has the advantage of a multicultural community, which can help leaders gain cultural sensitivity when working with various individuals. For Hawaii peeps: Some posts will include pidgin version! Fo' real!

On top of the game

We keep abreast of research, podcasts, and blogs and pass on information to you. We focus on data gathering so you can focus on implementing game-winning changes.

Integrate Technology

Use your smart device to learn about new apps from various sources to help with your goals.

Community builder

Learn from other individuals like yourself and gain from their experiences.

Ease of use

We do all the work of finding resources throughout the internet, acquiring knowledge on specific topics of your interest and deliver it to you for your ease of access.


There is increasing literature on the connection between physiological processes and behavioral health. Use tele-consultation to address these issues and ensure the optimal care for your patients.

  • Make confidential phone call or email for consultative services from your office.
  • Our consultant provides you and your staff with information on behavioral health issues emerging within your practice.  
  • Provide enhanced care for your patients with occasional handouts on parenting issues, emerging behavior health practices, and other behavioral health information pertinent to patient care.

Boss Life

Individuals in leadership positions often discover that managing people of differing backgrounds and cultural practices can be a challenge.

Discover ways to use your strengths to be an effective leader and communicate efficiently with your team.

Personal Growth

Learn to LEAD, MOTIVATE, and use psychology to GAIN AN ADVANTAGE in work, athletics, home life, and other challenging areas of your life.

If you were raised in a toxic home environment and want to change the cycle with your own family, this is for you. Rather than re-hashing your past, which should be reserved for therapy, learn new skills to improve your approach to connecting with your children and partner. Learn ways to navigate home and career as well as ensuring you reach your potential as an individual.

Guidance on parenting: If you’ve been concerned about your child’s behaviors, you may want consultation prior to seeking therapy. Consultation and behavior management strategies could be sufficient. Rather than scouring the internet for information, consultation can give guidance and, provide you with current research about parenting and child development issues.

Improve relationships with loved ones by learning ways to reconnect with your partner.


Dr. Andaya is available to talk to your school or staff on various psychological topics.

Dr. Andaya’s dynamic interpersonal style helps the learning process. Email to request an outline on presentation topics such as recognizing signs of maltreatment, preventing inappropriate behaviors/conduct that could lead to sexual abuse in organizations serving children, mandated reporting, educating parents/caregivers on empowering their children and keeping their child(ren) safe, empowering parents/caregivers to effectively communicate with their children, teaching the fundamentals of providing a safe learning environment. Contact us for more information on these as well as topics below.


Emergency Personnel

Recognize signs of post-trauma reactions and how to support fellow workers.

Personal Growth

Learn ways to break through mental obstacles to live your ultimate dream.

Parenting Guidance

Guidance on parenting through difficult situations. Receive information on ways to support your child, address behavioral issues, and child development.